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Thanks AJ.  I will measure again in a couple of other ways just to make sure.  I know ballpark is not good enough in case of die sizes, but I am glad it fits the bill for a .25 caliber.

One thing I am wondering about: for a  6.44mm barrel groove size I want a 6.44mm die to size the pellet.  But I measured the size of the JSB 6.35mm pellets and the head was 6.34mm and the skirt around 6.50mm.  If my groove diameter measured at 6.44mm, I do not think the 6.34mm pellet head can be sized to the groove diameter just by the pellet probe pushing it in deeper?  Does the skirt need sizing too?  And the Lee die would reduce the diameter of the pellet, correct?  What diameter gives the most consistency as far as friction/resistance as it travels down the LW barrel in relation to barrel-groove diameter?  What about the choke area of the barrel which is even smaller?