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Bullpups are nice and compact – to bad that they are illegal in Canada. 🙁

You have to try a HW100 to appreciate it.

I have a .177 HW100S and a .22 HW100S FSB  and are very pleased with both of them. Trigger, fit, finish, balance are great; the action is silky smooth, effortless and positive. Haven’t had one mis-feed in thousands of shots and you can’t double-load the rifle.

Accuracy is great, the .22 preferes a JSB 18.13 in 5.52 and the rifle is capable of the half-inch at fifty yard groups that everybody wants. Recently saw a 50 yard target that had 4 pellets stacked in one hole and the fifth pellet was touching that. Another target, same range, had a 14 shot (one magazine) 1/2″ group.