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But, if you were going to purchase an aftermarket barrel to improve your air gun’s accuracy, which one would you choose? Or, is there no clear winner and it’s just luck if you happen to get one of the most accurate examples from any of these manufacturers?

I understand that there is multiple factors when it comes to accuracy. Some you can control more than others but buying a high quality barrel and a decent regulator would seem like the place to start if you wanted to make a Career 707 perform like a Cricket….

My understanding is that all the barrel makers you mentioned are known for making a good product but, if money was no object and the best possible accuracy was the goal, is there one we should buy above all others?  I don’t know if the LW barrels on a $600 Airforce gun are the same grade as the ones on a $2000 Daystate? Part of me would like to believe that my more expensive guns get the cream of the crop…

Ignoring all all the other factors, I would also like to know what makes two barrels from the same manufacturer, same process, same length etc perform differently. 

My assumption is that, if I were to look at two barrels under a microscope, I would see that the more accurate one has a smoother and more streamlined interior surface. I’m a technology guy. Air gun manufacturers don’t seem to be the most up to date on modern manufacturing processes. It looks like many use the same process as they used to make firearm barrels but with a different twist rate. Only FX seem to be trying to innovate with air gun barrels and even FX is nowhere near consistent accuracy between units. I cringe when I read terms like “hand made in the traditional way” for things like barrels as handmade things are usually the least consistent. 

I am specifically interested to know if modern techniques like nano imprint lithography (or a variation of it) could be used to make a predictable and consistently high performing barrel liner. I have no intention of become a barrel manufacturer btw. I’m just curious and if the reason we’re clear, I might ask someone with access to nano manufacturing technology to make one for me. 

I would like to own a rifle that put pellets in the same hole every time at 75 yards (when shot from a vice in perfect conditions). I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

It seems like a lot of people who enter competitions favor upgrading the barrel on their air rifles. Maybe they pay extra for a custom job.