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“iride”dunk50 there you go Joe has one for you,
Good luck on your search , Took me three months to get a 22 cricket, (AOA) Then I called Tony and had it sent to Earnest in three days.
I really want a new gun but my 22 and 25 cricket shoot so good, I can not see selling them,
I am waiting for Earnest to get bored with his 30 cal Mutant, I really want that gun.


Mike, I to had a cricket in .22 that was an absolute tach driver. No problems at all ever. Having read a lot on the Vulcan, I just considered it an updated cricket. I might be wrong but so far do not think so. I do a lot of bench shooting and love the ease of cocking the bolt, bolt location, and putting magazines in. Also has the cocked indicator, bolt lock back and the ability to prevent the magazine from rotating. So far I love it. If it ends up shooting like the Cricket I will be tickled to death.