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I have owned my 2 gen .25 Vulcan since 10-2015 and I like to shoot mine over my pro-chrono monthly to check performance.  Below is my youtube video for January.  I have not fuxed with my gun at all since receiving it, IMHO these airguns need a break in period before I will go into them.  My advice is to shoot it 700 to 1000 times before you decide to make adjustments.  The gun while not benchrest capable right out of the box is still very, very consistent and accurate.  An Es of 10 or so is not all that bad for a brand new airgun right out of the box.  I’ve seen my statics improve via my Pro-chrono over the past 4.5 months.  ES of 7 and STD of 1, sometimes 0 shooting at Avg of 900 fps. I am still getting 27 to 30 shots with these stats shooting from 245, 250 or 255 BAR down to 160 BAR.  Would i like a higher shot count?…I guess so, but i hunt with my gun and have not found a need to have more that 27 or 30 shots in a hunting session on a regular basis.  If i do then i just air the gun backup.  I’m considering HST adjustments to attain 880 to 900 FPS to see if shot count is impacted greatly, something I will work on by March.  Also there is a new Spring and Hammer that is available for free from the manufacturer that I may investigate to see if it also can improve the shot count.  You can research alot on the Vulcan on TAG forum.