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“militaryflip”I think my regulator fell off around 150 bar and that’s super high not very efficient for shot count. One thing I hate is taking a gun apart that may cause scratches, leaks, and losing parts. Why do they even set it that high? Feeling irritated.. 

Don’t you long for the good old days, when you just had to choose  if you needed three pumps or eight pumps for your trusty Blue Streak Sheridan 5mm to put that wonderful little projectile on its target.   No, me neither.

Seriously sometimes a person can get so frustrated with their $2000.00 PCP , they could throw it.   Then in a day or two you get that thang  just where it purrs & all of your grief & frustration has evaporated.  

 I’ll shoot more round through it and see what happens. Maybe the regulator has not seated yet.