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“Wellgun”oh ok thanks ! ^^ 

I might have found the “solution” on the FX website, they say that the pump moves 300cc of air, at 1 ATM, so i tried something… 480cc is at 1ATM ? right ? so 480cc of air at 250 BAR should be 120 000cc (yeah thats not really accurate but at least im trying ^^) so, to fill those 120 000cc with the pump, it would require me 400 pumps, + the loss from the bleeding valvle, you where right, it should be around 500 :) 

So now, if my math are correct (and im not sure about it, at all) if i use the gun from 220 BAR down to 140, i would have to pump only 128 times to re fill it up to 220 BAR ! :) 

i hope i’m right ^^ 

Just punped my fx boss from 100-200 bar. It was difficult and much longer than my smaller resevoir rifles but definently dooable. This is especially true if you put your body weight on it. However, i went super slow to prevent damage onto my seals/orings. 

Also have you thought about getting nitrogen? Many people cant access dive shops but can rent nitrogen delivered to your door. Its 6000 psi too!