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“Ronin001”Ok I made a phone to get this corrected and/or explained to me why I got the smaller magazines and it is more or less what we stated above.   They did apologize for not calling to explain the situation on the change of the order and on the next shipment they will be mailing me a new Impact magazine to trade out.  In the mean time they also state to use the gun and magazines provided until the new the new shipment arrives.    

Yes it was AOA from whom I purchased my Impact.  

THANK YOU AOA for the apology and for trying to make things right.   Thats all a paying consumer can ask for.  


Glad you called AOA  because it saved me a longer post. I have read exactly the same substitution issue with some of the earlier shipments people got. AOA was shorted on the full sized magazines and sent the smaller ones so folks could get their hands the their new guns sooner. As far as I know they made good later sending bigger Mags. Check out Tomicos early Impact video review. There is a bit of trick for loading smaller Mags.

Magazines shortages seems to be an ongoing issue. AOA has my .Impact 30 barrel but no Mags for that yet. I told them to hold off sending that until the Magazines arrive. 


Yeah, I been waiting for 3 months for my larger mags to be sent to me by AOA…  But for now I have the small ones that they sent for the time being.  With that…. I did not like how they fitted so I designed and made a fix for the small mags to slide in with out an fussing around or having that slop they have when in the breech.  KUDOS to me… lol