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Are you talking about large tanks that we use to fill pcp reservoirs (like scuba or scba) or are you talking about the actual pcp gun reservoirs? 

The smaller paintball tanks are typically used to power the markers directly. You are correct that 4500 psi and 3000 psi paintball tanks are typically less expensive than products made for air guns but they are produced in much larger volumes. In general, the reason why most things are expensive is that people will pay for it. Air gun products seem to be more expensive than equivalent products from other markets. 

That being said if you wanted to make your own pcp air reservoir, you wouldn’t save much. Take a look at the McMaster site. They sell threaded aluminum tubes rated for 3000 psi and steel ones rated up to 6000psi. An equivalent 1.5″ diameter 16″ length tube can be $50-$70 on it’s own. This is before you add end caps, thread adapters, valves and regulators. A spare cylinder for a Hatsan AT44 with a valve is $80. 

If you knew what you were doing, you could remove the regulator from a paintball tank, make an adapter to fit a PCP gun valve and use it with your air rifle. For the majority of us, this is not a good place for a diy project….

If your aim is to find a less expensive tank to fill your PCP gun, the cheapest way I found was to buy a used 4500 SCBA tank. The shop I bought mine from always has tons of used 30 and 45 minutes tanks with 5 years + of life left and a fresh hydro for around $100. Then go to North Shore and order an SCBA nipple and nut, a 1/4″ NPT male to 1/8″ NPT male adapter, a female 1/8″ NPT female T fitting, a guage, a 1/8″ not hose and a 1/8″ npt to quick disconnect fitting.