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I noticed they seem to have been on a diet recently. I’m sure they weighed over 9lb the first time I looked on the AOA site but now it says a little over 8lb.

For what it’s worth, I think you were on the correct track with the Impact. More innovative, nicer looking, better shot count, more power, less weight, less expensive, multiple calibers, doesn’t need batteries and easy to sell if you change your mind.

I have only fired a .22 Pulsar. They are very nice. They are accurate (the one I tried was anyway). The build quality was excellent as you would expect from a Daystate. Even if they weren’t horribly overpriced I wouldn’t buy one though. It felt heavy and bulky to me and I like to hunt with my bullpups. 

Still if you like it’s styling and money is no object, I can’t tell you the Pulsar is not a high quality air gun. It’s top notch like all Daystate guns. 

For $2800 I think it’s about time Daystate offered a carbon fiber stock. The bar has moved and we need more than an accurate Airgun with a LW barrel and a regulator for that kind of coin imo.