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“hawken54”So I  have this Power Adjuster

I have it  set perfect, and marked where I like it. Problem is, it turns 1/4 to 1/3 rotation, out, with each mag shot. Is there a simple fix that still leaves it adjustable without a hassle. I know, this is such a huge complaint for a perfect gun:). Thanks

I love my Cricket but it’s far from a perfect gun. Several of it’s components could do with being designed better or made from stronger metal. 

As a matter of interest, does the original hammer spring screw move or is the problem just with the aftermarket adjuster? If it’s the latter, can you return it and ask for a replacement that fits properly or is it too late for that? You shouldn’t have to use plumbers tape if it’s all new.

I set the power once when I first got my Cricket and haven’t changed it again since. What do you adjust it regularly for? Is it one setting for hunting and a lower one for plinking to increase shot count? 

There is a relationship between the torque for hammer spring, stock, trigger weight, trigger rod length and indexing screws that I don’t fully understand. One came loose with mine and all of the rest needed adjusting to make the hammer and mag function again. Did you make any trigger adjustments or did you take the action out of the stock recently or has this problem been there the whole time you have had the spring adjuster? 

I wish I had bought one of those devices that measures the torque of screws so I knew how much torque should be on each one. Actually, I probably wouldn’t waste my only wish on that. A lottery win sounds better.