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About 15 years ago I decided to enter a my first field target competition. I had bought a TX200 MkII well know for accuracy. After a month of shooting I could never get consistent groups with groups looking more like small shotgun patterns. I then came across on an article about the artillery hold for shooting springer rifles. It was only two days before the competition and low and behold I started shooting very tight groups. By letting the rifle butt just kiss my shoulder and supporting the forearm in the palm of my hand and letting the rifle recoil naturally straight back made all the difference. I remember telling the well known Tom Gaylord the day of the competition I had learned to shoot great groups the day before. He probably thought sure you did or something like that. Well that day I came in second place and the next competition I tied for second and had a shoot off and believe I hit the turkey target at 55 yard to secure second place. One thing springers don’t like to held tight if you want to shoot tight groups. Sure there may be variations with each rifle but generally they need to recoil like the artillery piece in that carriage. Bill