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PM me your email address and I’ll send you some pics.

I have been working on 2 CF stocks. One is a copy of the original and the other is a simplified design that is more suitable for carbon fiber. 

I have been using a mix of wet layups and compression molds. It’s not how I would do it if I was starting a commercial enterprise but it works ok for a diy project. I have been refining the process as I go. Most of the time has been spent creating usable molds. 

The Cricket stock is very difficult to create a decent mold for. It is almost impossible to do it without ruining the original so if you don’t have a spare stock to sacrifice, I would plan on making a new design instead. 

My advice would be to start by making a bedding block so you have something your action will fit properly. Then build the rest of your stock around the block. I suggest buying more than a gallon of silicon mold rubber with a hardness shore of at least 60. Don’t buy the cheaper urethane rubber as that stuff sticks to everything. Silicon rubber costs a fortune but the amateur stock maker will have a much easier time with it. Nothing sticks to silicon rubber apart from glass and more silicon rubber.

Use the silicon rubber to make a male mold of the original inletting and a 2-piece female mold for the outer shell. If you can do that, the rest is not too hard.