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 Not to be picky on verbiage , I’m certainly lax in mine often but,
“Co2 ” tanks are NOT normally “3,000psi” rated.   What most folks call “Co2” tanks – like the 20oz unit available at wally mart- would have a bust disc around 1,800psi.
“Painball tank”  as in the common cf tanks and the Ninja 13ci tank ( have one of those on my QB78 & Tim uses one on the USFT) are for Air not “Co2” and do often fill to 3,000+psi BUT they have regulators commonly set at 850psi and some higher.
 A CF bottle that will fit right on some of the better rifles available these days are $200.00 or so.
A “3,000psi tube”  could be purchased from crosman for $40.00ish, naturally it would be inletted for a discovery/marauder or?
 It would seem nearly all rifles that comes with CF bottle’s and most all after market CF bottles come from one manufacture though some makers & dealers may well spec their own things such as the evanex model with the knobbie up front to fit a bracket, some are DOT approved others ( save a dollar???) are not. 
 A good number of those AF rifles types seem to have adapted HONKING large paintball bottles – CF – to their high power rigs. 
I am thinking a metal airgun bottle in the 400-500cc range is a bit under $200.00.
 Mainly, could it be the International marker for a cf ( or metal )bottle that fits most airgun application just isn’t large enough to take on the current big manufacturer who could at anytime undercut any price if they felt the need.?.

 Have a build in mind?