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Hi Spysir

Thanks  for the input. On a long holiday until mid March therefore unable to proceed further. Will come back though. 
Convinced it is the probe out of alignment and upon return will install new breach O ring and test.
E mailed the factory suggestion in addition to O ring replacement was to check the bolt/probe tension. Apparently important. Will pursue with. Factory this area further, which bolts and what pressure etc etc. Further they suggested could be magazines. In which case I will return both. Not under warranty anymore, expired six weeks before. I fail to see why magazines could put probe out of alignment, they are only in gun when in use. Bad safety otherwise.
Suspect the gun will have to be returned to my French dealer having ascertained they are competent first. Cannot find any detailed drawings of probe/bolt and housing . Nothing apparent on their website. Housing may well have anti tamper fastenings as well.

All my testing has been at 50 metres ie 55 yards appx.. Several shots with touching holes then boom 1 inch off then to the left right up or down. As I posted earlier a good 12 bore pattern.
Am sure will be sorted sometime.

safe shooting