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“FieryPellets”Would it be too much to ask Tom, Michael, or Ted to do a video with the shroud extended and then retracted? A view of the shooter and the rifle and simultaneously showing the target? I’ve seen Michael’s video of him taking the barrel out and put back in. I’m not convinced enough. Do 5 shots extended, then 5 shots retracted. An angle where you can see the shooter and the target in the foreground. Another view is through the scope. 

Don’t hold your breath, lol! :) I have way too many variables to overcome to make that video. Primarily, I have the weather to deal with. When I left for vacation, about a week ago, it was -10ºf. I think it warmed all the way up to around +10º that day. Add to that the wind. It blows around 15mph everyday here and I can’t hide from it. On the really windy days, it blows hard enough to blow 2×6 boards over my fence and into the neighbors yard. Seriously! I just grabbed two of them back yesterday. I’ve actually contemplated making my own shooting “tunnel” so that I could hide form the wind and still be able to effectively test my rifles. But, I’m trying to get my house ready to sell so, building something like that isn’t practical. I can’t wait until the weather breaks! I have a number of video ideas that I want to try. I’ll add this one to the mix but, like I said, don’t hold your breath for it to come form me anytime in the near future. 

I’d like to add a comment on poi shift with/without shroud but I cannot. I have shot thousands of rounds over the chrony tuning and adjusting. I have only shot down range one time. I know it’s hard to believe but that’s the reality of where I’m at. Only one time, everything was right and I had an opportunity to shoot in no wind with warm enough temps. I had to quickly assemble the rifle (which was broken down due to experimenting with it) set up and get shooting. I shot the best group I have ever shot at 150 yards (.25 JSB heavies) I wanted to continue shooting but, low and behold, here comes the wind again. 
Good luck to you guys that are waiting! I hope the wait is over soon. :) 
Happy Shooting!