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dunk50  does your scope have a 1″ tube? The reason I ask is you can buy pos-align insert kit for it with -/+ insert pairs in 5, 10 and 20. Now for example a -/+ 10 insert pair will change impact 10″ at 100 yards. It will at 20 yards only move the group 1/5th that amount or 2″ at 20 yards. Since you are hitting 10″ low at 20 yards that would translate to 50″ low at 100 yards. The best you can do is get two sets of -/+ 20 inserts to move your group. That would translate bringing your group down 40″ at 100 yards or 8″ at 20 yards. Now if you used the -/+ 10’s you have and use the -/+20’s in the kit you will move the group down 30″ at 100 yards or 6″ down at 20 yard. That would be within 4″ low you want. I believe if you have a 30mm tube you can only get the inserts in -/+ 20 pairs. I am not sure if you can buy individual pairs of inserts. Bill PS remember you must point the scope down to raise the point of impact up. In other words place the + inserts in  the bottom half of the rear ring with the plus on top. Do the opposite positioning with the inserts in the front ring.