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It’s a shame that the revenue wants of this forum can sometimes get in the way of its users being exposed to newer, cheaper ways of participating in this hobby of ours.  This thread is getting a lot of activity because the forum members are interested in securing an economical source of air for their PCP’s.  And it seems that the forum wants to limit this supplier putting out information about his product until he becomes an advertiser on the forum.  At the same time the forum members are posing good questions to Mrodair because they value the opportunity to potentionaly get a quality compressor.  This is just my opinion and I wish there was a better solution that could satisfy both sides of this type of issue.  I really like this forum…but this type of activity seems to come up often.  And as a business owner myself…I invest in and sell Real Estate…I understand both sides, the forum and supplier.  I would appreciate being able to learn about all new products offered that would conveinence me in this hobby not to be limited to only those that advertise on the forum.  Just my two cents worth submitted humbly.