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My experience with carbon fiber and Kevlar is that it absorbs more noise than steel, but have not compared to Aluminum.  I suspect it would also be quieter, maybe more so. It could save some weight…..a one pound increase on a 7 pound gun is a 14% increase, and that at the forward end of the gun where you feel it the most.  The composite materials would probably be more difficult to work; gluing instead of threading ends and may not be as uniform in wall thickness or roundness and maybe more expensive.  
  As for aftermarket mods for the Impact, I would like to see weight saving parts, not weight adding ones.  How about a Titanium air transfer tube.  I would also like to see a Stainless power adjusting screw/cam for better wear and a better finish on the tip of the barrel positioning/holding set screw that exactly matches the shape and size of the seat in the barrel.  A stainless end piece on the barrel to replace the brass one would be better too, or better yet, no separate end piece at all….machine the barrel itself with the required detail, so it is all one piece.  I have a feeling that FX will eventually start doing that anyway, since I see no big advantage in using the separate brass end, and the brass will wear and be damaged more easily.