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First try different pellets. If you’re at Walmart the Crosman Premier hollow points would be good to try.Domed pellets usually give the best accuracy. Check that the screws that hold the stock (two on either side of the barrel pivot and usually the one in front of the trigger) are snug, don’t overdo it, just snug. Is there a scope? The ones supplied with an inexpensive gun are often poor quality junk, but before you buy another scope, put a piece of tape on the scope tube in front of one of the rings that just touches the ring. Do the same to the gun just in front of the bottom of the ring. Shoot the gun a bunch and see if a gap opens up. If so your scope is moving and you’ll never sight in until you have a stronger mount. I don’t know how much experience you have shooting breakbarrel springers, a little more info would help. Sometimes those cheapies will drive you nuts, especially if you don’t have much experience (and often even then!)
Good Luck!
is this the rifle?