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Well now Jack, it’s about damn time. ūüėČ You have had to wait long enough to get that baby back in hand ¬†Replacing those seals doesn’t look like it will be too painful out in the future if and when that needs to be done and your warranty has lapsed.

Courtesy of The Bullpup tuner Ernest Rowe. 

Disassembly part 1 

valve stem:

Action reg tube:

pressure test new orings:

Final reassembly and testing:

Check out some of his tuning tips as well.

 And this: 

“Here’s a detail in how the valve stem adjuster knob works for fine tuning;
At current 150b regulated pressure on the guage and power adjuster wheel on Max and VS knob at 11.00mm out from the shoulder she max out at 860fps with 45g.

The white line marker on the VS knob are just a reference line to me, if you go over 11mm caliper reading you will be wasting air in term you are loosing shot count, because your speed will no longer increase and your letting the VS open longer.

I made a spacer at 11mm so I can set it at max position on the wheel at 860fps, I don’t need all that power and want it to max out at 800fps so I made another spacer at 10.52mm and turned the knob in till it stop on the spacer, now if some reason I want to go back to 860fps I use the 11mm spacer.

With the spacer I don’t need a crony, using the line isn’t accurate enough—you could be off more the 1/2 turns using the line markers.

I’m sure you can get great results using the line marker, I’m just using a technic that’s more accurate.

If your gun is shooting vary accurately at a set speed and weight of pellet you can adjust the VS to the power wheel marker—let so #5—-now you know # 5 is 823fps !”

He’s consolidating his tips here.¬†