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Bowwild, I believe the Daystate gauges are accurate. Fill that baby!! That whole package can take it. They’ve tested all involved to failure and they are giving a hefty safety factor when they determine and label the max fill pressure on the rifle. Don’t get me wrong, caution needs to be taken when dealing with these high pressures but you’re good man. Filling to 230 bar will be good if this is what you are comfortable with. In fact, I’m now realizing that I suggested to fill to 250 bar. Even though AOA filled to 260 bar when they ran the string of the .22 Daystate Air Wolf (high power), which can be seen on their website, it’s probably not a good idea. I’m going to edit that 250 bar suggestion is my last post and drop it to 230 bar. 

If the RAW is too long for your taste, Martin will customize your build. That’s the beauty of RAW, you’re talking to the man who will build it for you in Martin. Sure, he can’t take too much length away from the barrel or it would adversely effect performance but he can and will customize to your needs.