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“<font><font>Lou</font></font>”<font><font>Eu não acho que Weihrauch faria isso. </font><font>Eles são conhecidos por qualidade de topo fabricado na Alemanha. </font><font>Eles fazem falta na produção de novos modelos e tho inovação. </font></font>

In Europe we have many reports in the forums heaps of problems with orings and air leakage. I was thinking of buying a wh100 the years and the seller advised me not to buy one, gave many headaches him with guarantees. Today walking the complaints of the same problems . In Spain I have seen the sale of second-hand 400 to 600 euros. I’m sorry to say this because it is the rifle that he liked to have. Where are manufactured Germany I think . The control and quality is not the best.