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“Bwalton”Bruce believe it or not I had this rifle sold, there were some issues with the Bullpup stock that I had to fix . but he wanted to buy some thing else which I understand…The stock plays a very important part in accuracy and it seems the the scope rail was off center, thats just how it came..So worked with it, and now she shoots lights out…. literally. Going to do another .25cak with another stock that I have. Its a nice and powerful little hammer, I only get a full clip with a es of 10-12 , I can get more shots but I only shoot within a es and thats it.but for non regulated @ 880- 890fps she packs a punch. This day I maybe used two clips the whole day.

I really have my eye on the new Hatsan bull pup and the new Air arms bull pup, both in the long version.  I’m just waiting for some reviews on both cause they are son new.