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Scott, as a fellow engineer, I agree with everything you have said. I am waiting a little until FX works out some of the bugs, like others have said. One of the things that I see happening with the FX Impact is the potential for a lot of aftermarket customization / tuning. It seems like a “modular gun”, meaning many systems could be swapped out or modified by tuners. One of my first predictions is somebody will come out with a “receiver” that will accept a threaded barrel instead of the side pin. Seems to me like it would be a lot more stable / repeatable and would be nearly as easy to swap barrels (for those who want to). It looks to me like nothing else would need to change to make this type of barrel system on this gun. It would seem easy enough to order a barrel with whatever length, caliber and moderator system you wanted.
I could also guess optional equipment like different adjustable stock piece and an add-on adjustable cheek rest could be nice additions.
Bottom line: I see a lot of potential to make this gun platform into some cool, customized systems. Does anybody else see this?