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“chasdicapua”I’m a bit jealous of you guys living down in the warmer weather. Outdoor shooting year round. I’m down in my basement (20 yards) at least till April. I got some of the heavy duty official 25 meter cards and am thrilled to see the targets are considerably bigger then the ones that fit in the 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Maybe I’ll have half a chance when I move outdoors!
Shot a 250 (second one) with 17x this morning. Happy with that, but I know the challenge will be in the wind. Enjoy the relative warmth down there wherever you all are. 

You should come to the Holbrook Sportmans Club on the first saturday of the month to shoot some indoor benchrest. it’s 25yds indoors and a lot of fun.  I missed this months match but will be there next month for sure.  If you can travel there will be another benchrest match in Salem NY the third sunday of the month at the Salem Pistol and Rifle club.  It would be Feb 20 this month.

Of course Field Target starts a few months from now in NY also with this event  So there are plenty of opportunities to shoot with fellow airgunners in these colder months and busy FT season ahead.