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“bowwild”I posted some information about my Wolverine B Hi-Lite on this thread:

I filled it to about 225 Bar and with my ProChrony got the following 39 shots. 
#1. 848,856,853,850,851,844,852,846,843,840,836,840, 839,835,836,828,829,826,823,820,282,814, 813,806,809,805,802,  #32. 800, 793,794,788, 783,778, 775, 772.
The pellet was Barracuda 31 grain. 
Have you shot any groups yet?  Have you tried 25 grain jsbs? That is the only ones I tried so far that shoot good.  My groups tighten up most when it falls to around 880 down to 850. You can’t see it @ 25 yards , but is apparent @ 50 …I have shot over 1000 pellets though mine in the last few days.  I am almost out, ordered more from Jims Precision Air guns, that it who I bought mine from. I really like dealing with him.  He put sling swivel studs on mine, I was afraid of messing up the stock. I try to shoot between the wind.  The wind seems to affect this set up  more then my .22s.  They shoot faster 950-1000.  However  thought the heavier pellet, would be less affected.  Oh well keep us posted.