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No one will like my answer…

To date, I’ve owned four. Forget the brands, models, and calibers, as they all have the same issues.

Most come with a scope, but that scope is mounted on the action, not on the barrel. As a result, even he slightest movement in the barrel to action connection will cause accuracy issues. This says nothing about the loosening of the action to stock mounting screws!

Recoil is at the top of the list, no matter the make. Without a VERY firm and exacting hold, they shoot like a scattergun! 

Finding a pellet make/weight/design which will shoot accurately in any specific make/model, is a hit and miss proposition. Universally, manufactures tout their velocity. It really doesn’t make much difference how fast it is, or how much muzzle energy it has. If you can’t hit what you’re aimed at, what difference does it make?