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“FukoChan”Your pictures on your groups doesnt really tell what happened. Is the right side like a five inch group at 50 yards? And is the left a 1 and a half inch group with a flier? 

For each target I shot five rounds centered on the bullseye, then single loaded a 6th round and made a holdover correction based on the previous 5 shots group.  Those single loaded rounds are pretty close to dead on.  So it shows that at 50 yards, this gun is shooting consistently (and my scope needs to be adjusted some more.)  I only had 30rounds of ammo to shoot though.  My first 5 rounds disappeared into the ether, so I moved back to about 20 yards and tried again with another 5 rounds.  I adjusted the scope on the next 5 rounds at 20 yards.  Then I moved the target out to 50 yards and tried again  After 3 shots and a few adjustments it looked OK.    The last 12 rounds are in the picture.  There’s a rogue shot in the left target that was from me earlier just trying to find where the rounds were going.