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“Scott_MCT”I think the Impact should be the talk because FX has been more leading edge than anyone else lately.  With that being said I’m a one holer guy and work in an engineering world.  ANYTHING that has a changeable barell and sliding moderator simply can not replicate what a fixed system can do (assuming same quality).  Maybe when the component is new, but the bass locking system on the barell will eventually wear if you like changing calipers and a sliding moderator may induce POI shifts simply because its design is to change the level of moderation.  Each time it slides there is wear.  If the Impact was one caliber only and had a fixed moderator I would have dived in, but the Wilcat was more down my Ally.

As you work in the engineering world, I’ll assume you know way more about this stuff than the majority of us but I wanted to ask why you think the Impact having a changeable barrel makes it different to most other PCP rifles? You can remove (and change) the barrel on almost every PCP rifle. They unscrew if you know how. The difference on the Impact is it is designed to be easier for end users to do it and they have groove to help you attach it in the same position each time. Why does this make it less accurate or weaker?

Unless you change the barrel every day or very regularly, there shouldn’t be any noticeable degradation of the barrel threads or the groove for many years (assuming FX used decent metal). Even high carbon folded and tempered steel can be chipped and damaged but it usually takes deliberate force. I bet that, after the initial novelty, most people will only change barrels occasionally. Saying that, I have no idea what those barrels are made of. If the metal is anything like the cheap practice swords we used in  a martial arts class I used to attend…. 

There are plenty of advanced shooters who upgrade their air rifle barrels and I don’t know of many PCP guns that have their barrel welded to the action to make it one piece. What am I missing?

The telescoping moderator is a different matter as that is unique to the Impact. I assume this is FX’s solution to the US hysteria about moderators in general. Having a fixed moderator means less risk of it being used on a firearm. Telescoping allows users to make it shorter without actually removing it so they still have the same choice as people in other countries. It’s the next best thing I guess. 

I am sure that the telescoping components are weaker than a solid one-piece moderator but I doubt it’s going to be an issue. The one thing telescoping can’t replicate is the weight reduction from being able to actually unscrew and remove the moderator. My NC LDC is heavy so if I am not using it, I want to be able to take it off…

You brought up some nice points, Zebra. I think maybe some of us are a little worried about the little things that might arise with the Impact. Personally, I won’t be doing too much of the barrel changing anyways. I have several thousand JSB 16GR/18GR .22 pellets that I have. I just acquired 8000 rounds of JSB/various .25 pellets from a friend who’s going oversea. He also gave me his Benjamin Trail NP XL air rifle in .25 to go with the pellets. More than likely, I will buy the .25 barrel to go with the Impact. With that said, I take care of my toys. After all, it’s a weapon.  

I hear you. I feel that way about all of my air rifles but especially with the expensive ones. None of them feel like they are built to last. 

You want to believe that because you spent the extra cash, the manufacturers would have used the highest quality metals on all the moving parts to ensure that they will last, even with heavy use. They just don’t though, so you are generally better off buying guns with simple designs and fewer moving parts. 

The problems would be more manageable if the manufacturers made replacement parts easily available at reasonable prices. So far most don’t do this. I would never buy an Edgun for this reason. They can hardly even make their guns available in America and it’s easier to find a live T-Rex than spare parts for one of those things.

So far Kalibrgun have been very good at helping me with replacement parts so I feel like being a loyal customer (even though I am a little mad they still haven’t fixed their indexing issues). Maybe it is worth dropping FX an email directly to see if they will do the same if you have an issue with their products. 

The good news with the Impact moderator is that they come attached to the barrels so all you have to do is buy a new barrel if the moderator breaks. Also, Fx sells barrel blanks so you can buy a new smooth twist and add a Neil Clauge if you want. Or, you can buy LW barrel blanks for $130 if you prefer.