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There a lot reasons to buy a spring gun verse a gas piston gun, Is one better over the other? NO, Is one cheaper over the other? NO, Is one more tunable over the other? YES, the spring gun will be more tunable. The question is are you a tuner? If not the gas piston gun will offer less fuss.  There is a reason so many guns are going to gas pressed over spring.  There gas piston should last longer keeping the fps of your gun close to the same over longer shot cycles.  We’re the spring will breakdown over time and cycles.  Now I’m meaning years and thousands of shots.     What I’m trying to say is, pick a gun that you like.  There will be the next gun that grabs you eye or the better gun next time.  That what fuels the love for the sport. If we were to get the last gun, best pellet the first and last time.  Few would still continue to enjoy shooting.  good luck Monte