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bowwildI bought the Air Wolf Extreme on December 20y and received it about 10 days later.  It was exactly as described on the AoA website. Beautiful and the electronics too me are so cool.  But, as I feared it was just too unwieldy for me. Too long and too heavy. I could not see myself packing in the squirrel woods. I sent it back to AoA the next day.  The folks at AoA were terrific!  So, it cost me $90 to get my hands on the rifle (too and from shipping of $45 each way .. a lot cheaper than flying to Phoenix).  

I exchanged it for the Wolverine B Hi-Lite in .25. The Wolverine is at least 1 pound lighter and about 4″ shorter.  I’m going to miss the electronics and I might find in the end that anything longer than 40″ is m ore than I want?  

I’m wondering if I should have exchanged the extreme for the Air Wolf MCT in .22?  I was hung up on wanting a .25 (I have two, .22 PCPs) and I know the squirrels don’t need that much “attention”.

How is it shooting, at what velocity and have you checked the accuracy