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Losib:  Hello, and first welcome to the Nation, second 70 feet is 23 yards which is although it is fun, its kinda small distance for a high powered PCP or a .25 cal so i would not recommend one of those unless it has a power wheel adjustment.   Third you really need to be aware of the laws in your neighborhood, because is just about every city in the U.S. its illegal to fire a airgun within city limits.  Be aware that spring rifles such as the RWS 34 will destroy traditional rifle scopes so you must get a scope specifically for a spring powered air rifle if you go that route, PCP are scope safe.  I would recommend a RWS 34 Pro compact in .177 calibre (it was my first airgun)  loads of fun too shoot, a little challenging and inside your price range.  Ammo is plentiful and cheap the gun is pretty quiet the loudest part is the spring firing which is more in your ear than out in the shooting direction.