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You know, I think in this case because the stock is so short they said, “Leave ‘well-enough’ alone.” There isn’t alot of room for a rail depending where the shooter supports his hold, that’s why I used the smallest one and placed it as forward possible which I suggest for any that will do the mod. I saw now there are walnut and laminated stocks on FX’s website, none of which show rails.

I think cost may come into play too. It’s an extra step in making it and even if holes were pre-drilled who’s to say those holes would line up with any rail out there? Some have no fore or aft play because it’s just 2 holes not ovals to adjust.

Bottom line, there will always be an after market for parts and a need for gunsmiths. I consider this type of tinkering very fun to make something all the more my own. But I have confidence in my limited skillset and tools. I do see your point, of course. If this was marketed as some kind of ‘tactical’ platform that is practically based on rails it would be foolish to not have one somewhere. Yet it is sold as a bullpup, short and light.

It is immensely more useful for hunting at night with a rail I will say. I used the new OLight brand weapon light, PL-1 Valkyrie, to wack the nocturnal critters in my yard. It’s a fantastic setup and a great weapon light. Best place to get it is GoingGear. Join their email list to get the insider and wait for major US holidays to save. :) I might pick up another one and keep it on my pistol.