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I have one on my Hummingbird.  Really a good scope. I rest my eye against the eyepiece, makes for  very steady off hand shooting. The FOV is unreal. I really like big FOV for tree squirrels, they are constantly moving  rarely  leave the FOV even on higher powers. The lighted reticle is ok, but find it is not bright enough for daytime use , unlike the 5-20 Genesis. Don’t really need that anyway. I almost always rest against a tree when shooting any of my other rifles while hunting ( as I never sit down, while hunting) , well with the Connect on the Hummer, I am consistently   taking squirrels off hand. One day last season I took 6 tree squirrels in a lil over an hour , most head shots , some where straight up in tall hickories, all off hand. I don’t think I can repeat that with my other scope /rifle combinations.  I guess for old eyes like I have , if the crosshairs  were just a tiny bit thicker might be even better.