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At least the link shows and if I click it works, but many people ( myself ) sometimes don’t link to click links let me test this:

 Alright, I copied the lowest line ” IMG ” pasted it here, hit preview which made it show in preview pane but not in the above post pane, hit preview a second time, there it is.
That’s what I always do, hit preview twice and it THEN shows, if adding lot’s of pictures sometimes – not always – I have to hit preview more than twice but not every picture.
Only way I’ve figured to do it. I’m certain there are other ways.

 Didn’t realize you had a Blue one, very cool.  Springers are fun and if your not accustomed can be a bit of a learning curve, sometimes just moving your hand on the forearm 1″ makes or breaks the ability to repeat the same shot. Just excellent practice and when you go shoot something less , fickle ,  using the “same everytime” hold/breath/all toe’s pointed North/??? really does apply to all shooting, springers just FORCE you to pay attention.
Glad to hear your groups are getting closer to what you want, that rifle if everything is good certainly should group well and even 12fpe is just fine out to 55 or so.