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Hi guys, spoke to Giles on the phone Friday and managed to get an email address for PayPal.  I have sent the donation to him and also the details of the donators and any comments too.

Look out for a video in the future on the subject.

He also ok’d me to paste up this email he sent me..

Dear James, I am on a family visit today,  so will call you next week. What can I say, shocked, amazed…..just wow. 

Never did I think that people out their would donate to help me out.  You donated a rifle of your own, thats incredible, I don’t quite know what to say. 

I have a couple for declines on the prizes, because of the circumstance,  and I am contacting them as soon as I get back to tell them the details and express that they must take them now, they are sat here and I have paid for them. 

Yesterday, I also received a £100 donation direct to me from Sportsmatch UK, the scope mount makers, that was a complete surprise from Matt the owner of Sportsmatch.   

I would make a video and post it today on the iPhone, but actually don’t think I could hold it together if I am honest. I have dealt with the debt personally and kind of accepted it as a lesson and moved on. So as I said before I cannot take all the money, I just could not do that.

So what do you think of the following. My daughter has a heart condition, born with it ( SVT ) which requires continuous treatment, she does fundraisers through the school for the British Heart Foundation. The school would accept the a donation for the BHF

Marie Curie does a fantastic job, I lost my Mum to cancer, and I know they have just helped Terry Doe. Terry I am sure would pass the a cheque onwards.

My wife puts up with a lot, so I must not forget her. She deserves maybe a night away or some of the money back. So maybe split whatever the total is 3 ways, how does that sound?  If you have any other charity to support please say so. 

I will of course make a video to thank everyone for what they have done, and yes please forward the details of anyone you have who has donated. 

And finally Thank You to you, I am stunned by the kindness of the world. Thank You. Giles