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I just sold my .22 condor 24″.  I really like it but it was a little too long for my preference.  I would highly the following modifications:

1) Talon Tunes shroud took the bark from a .22LR down to something I could shoot in the back yard and my wife would not know what i was up to when she was in the front yard.  (we also live in a residential area- 1/4 acre lots.)

2) Talon tunes Quich change top hat -pretty much the easiest mod for these rifles and will essentially save you sanity from creeping velocities due to the factory top hat self adjusting from hammer impact.

3) Super Sear- takes an OK trigger and makes it MUCH better

I also had a mad dog stock but didn’t fully appreciate it.  Don’t get me wrong it was made very well and the grip was much better, but i didn’t feel like the weight was worth the benefits.  I also felt like the anti-slap hammer was not much benefit for sound reduction.

forgot to mention, my experience with condor and talonP was that they like to have power from the 3-7 range.  There were many incosistancies at the high and low extremes.