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“30cal”The more solid and heavy the target the more damage to the pellet. A light weight target absorbs much of the energy from the pellet by moving itself, allowing the pellet to remain somewhat intact so it can bounce off. In other words a heavy solid target completely destroys the pellet. (See my Avatar pic) Also if you get a glancing blow it can ricochet of the edge of the target. There are many forces at work when a projectile hits something. See this interesting video:

I noticed material that flies parallel to the target face almost seems to speed up.  The distance from the center of the impact point to the circumference looks like it is further away than the amount of pellet consumed.  Maybe just my misunderstanding of what is physically happening almost instantaneously.

If one shoots a piece of solid delhrin the pellet will “from whence it came, so shall it return”.   Dangerous stuff.  I would think the pellets’ energy would be mostly absorbed, but it ain’t.  That’s for sure. That’s for durn sure.