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Gene Leapers scopes are rated for springer use. The function very well, have nice features and have decent glass for the price. I have some scopes on my firearms that cost well over a thousand dollars and in no way do Leapers compare but I will say the last two scopes I bought for my air rifles were Leapers. With a lower price scope like Leapers probably the larger the objective size the brighter the optics. However I always try to select a scope that will be in scale with the rifle. If you want a light weight scope stick with the 1″ tube if you would like side parallax adjustment go with a 30mm tube. For general hunting 3-9’s ,4-12’s are good power ranges. If you want to punch paper go with higher magnification. Bill PS you need a good mount too with a springer. The video I ┬áIinked on the RWS 350 had a very sturdy dovetail to weaver base with dropper compensation.

Just reading about the Hawke scopes on PA and it said to use only their 30mm tube scopes on springers. If people know otherwise let us hear about it. And if that is the case the 30mm tube Hawkes start at about $350 which is out of Gene’s price range.