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Shooting the Wolverine .25 today.  Most 5 shot groups @ 25 yards where about 3/8″.  Seemed to have very close POI all four magazines. Filling to 3200 psi. When I went to 50 yards, my groups opened up many nearly 1″ and some 5/8″ only a couple at 1/2″ .  At that distance the last  of the four mags, seemed to group best, every time. The rifle feels awesome in the hands, and functions flawlessly. I did add 1″ to LOP via some foam rubber, to give me the 14 & 3/4 ” LOP  I need, & lightened the trigger  up. I just finished off my second tin. I think the 50 yard groups will get a lot better when I shoot it some, more. I need to get used to it. I have mostly .22 PCPs. The .25 seems to be a different animal. Picture below is what most of my 25 yard 5 shot groups looked like. Won’t show you the 50 yards ones, until I tighten them up a little more.