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I’m considering adding a Marauder to the fleet. How is the trigger on that gun?

Trigger sucks, and the barrel too. It is another Chinese product. You are much better off buying a Sumatra 2500 in the price range or Walther Dominator 1250, or Hatsan Galatian or Evanix Rainstorm. Marauder needs work if you care for an accurate gun. If you getting one just to plink soda cans with and stuff no worries it will do. It is a Walmart gun basically.

LOL. The rainstorm and galation? I owned a RS2 in .25 it sucked in the accuracy department and the trigger wasnt better than my Mrod. Never owned a galation but I owned 3 AT44 and all 3 had to be worked on out of the box to be acceptable even for the cheap price tag. The barrel on the .25 Mrod isnt a chinese barrel its a very high quality barrel but the .22 and .177 do have the cheap barrels on them.