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“ajshoots”Bleudg, How has your Bulldog experience been?? If you would like to share, please feel free to share in this thread. Really want to get some more input on the Bulldog!!

I’ve had my Bulldog for about a year. I think I was one of the first to get one along with “Manny” who did a great review on it back then. The biggest complaint then was that in some eyes it was uggggllly! I kinda agreed with that but thought that the camo treatment toned it down and minimized that “Big Black Club” look. I also thought that the loud ping was distracting and pumping it back up after 5 shots with a hand pump was hell on my arthritic wrist.
Fast forward…As of this week I have probably put several 1000 rounds through the Bulldog and so far I am loving it. Of course I now have a couple of air tanks and an air compressor so it’s easy to blow through a lot of ammo. It doesn’t take long to shoot up $100 worth of Noslers! I think the the Bulldog does better with the JSB 82 grain pellets. I was averaging 5 shot groups of 1-1/2″ to 2″ @ 50 yards with an occasional “flyer” (?). I do think that this is really a 5 or 6 shot gun before it starts to drop off. Especially the heavier Noslers. Like Manny mentioned in his review, it seems to group better and get quieter the more rounds fired through it, although that just might be me getting use to the sound or my ears getting older. I still feel it is not backyard friendly in my subdivision neighborhood.I did some crony testing last year but can’t seem to locate the data. I do remember that I wanted to minimize shooting the heavier pellets after 5 shots (one magazine).
Concerning the Bulldog. I want to give a big BRAVO ZULU to Crosman for a recent job they did as a result of my screwup. I recently had my three grandsons out on a shooting trip with several of my pellet guns. We were plinking away at some water bottles and other targets when I noticed that I wasn’t hearing the Bulldog “ping”. Turns out that three rounds had been loaded in the Bulldog and were jammed in the barrel. I made several attempts to dislodge them with no success. I sent the gun off to Crosman who said that they would have to renew the barrel and it would take three to four weeks to repair and return. Less then two weeks later Crosman returned the gun with a new barrel and an invoice marked “No Charge”! Talk about customer service!
After the repair I remounted the scope and took it out to re-zero and check out the repair. I loaded it up with the JSB’s and set the target up at 35 yards. The second picture below is the grouping at 50 yards taken about 6 months ago (1-1/2″ grouping but can’t get the picture to open) I took the third picture below about two weeks ago. It is the “first” shot out the new barrel with no scope adjustments! I had to take a picture of that “Lucky” first shot. The subsequent shots resulted in a 1-1/4″ group at 35 yards.
So as I mentioned in other post, the Bulldog is a fun to shoot gun and a serious hunting tool. I still get enjoyment from the conversation it creates with powder burners at the local gun range. Even have some converts! Our outdoor gun range is open 7 days a week but we have an agreement with locals to make Monday and Tuesday “Quiet Days”. However, they said we can shoot pellet guns on those two days. That makes it more enjoyable not having to wear ear muffs or having an AR-15 going off next to you.

JSB .357 35 Yards