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The model T Ford and the rotary phone were “good enough” once. How many of those do you see today? Progress is just the nature of things. The newer guns are selling because they carry features that are clearly preferred by the consumers. Side lever mid cocking for one seems to be a highly touted design change. Also, this is coming from someone who is not a fan of bullpups. If, as someone who carry’s little interest in bull pups is noticing this bias toward the newer design changes, the manufacturers of guns in the older style would likely benefit from being open to change as well or possibly end up a footnote in history along with the model T and rotary phone.


OK, let’s separate flys from cutlets :). Saying desing I ment the look of the gun, not the mechanism. Yes, you are right saying that new guns are sold because they are brinning new features. But the problem is that in some cases they bring not the new feature but the new expectations of the feature. We have a lot of examples like that in computers, phones, cars etc. The makers are running forward not to make the things better but to make new things, otherwise the client will consider him “old” and leave for other producer. And it happens that we still use things which were designed hundres years ago but made with new materials and technologies. 

Yes, I am interested to make new things but make new things not the things seems to be new. Do you understand the difference? If gun good enough to fulfill the wish of the client, why to change it?