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The Mad Dog Stock did improve the accuracy of my SS, but only slightly.  I really only could tell the difference beyond 40 yards at higher velocities.  It’s been several years since I owned one, and I don’t spend much time TAG anymore, so its possible AF addressed the flex issue on more recent models.  If you are serious about the AF platform, you should spend some time on the TAG. There is a whole little cottage industry that has evolved making upgrades for the AF platforms.  All in all, I thought it was a great gun for the money out of the box, but I ended up with well north of a grand in mine by the time it was all said and done. I prefer a more traditional rifle which is just a matter of personal taste/preference, so I would have been better off spending the money up front and picking up something like an R10 or a used FX400 (which is what I ended up buying when I sold the SS).   This is just my personal opinion, but unless you are planning to hunt fairly large critters at longer ranges I think the Condor is overkill. It is definitely not a backyard gun.  You need wide open spaces for the Condor.  It’s a beast.