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“APerfectMiss”I was notified by precision that the next order is due to show up sometime this month. They have not received any information in regards to the quantities of what calibers and or colors. They appreciate everyone’s patience with the preordered impacts. Craig and Nancy are top notch on customer service. 

– Mike 

Precision are just resellers for AOA. In the event that there is an issue with an FX or Cricket you buy from them and you need to use your warranty, they will just direct you to AOA. As nice as Craig and Nancy may be, they can’t or won’t do anything to help with any issues on those guns. 

My Cricket arrived with a horrible scratch on the anodized metal from them. AOA said cosmetic damage is “normal” on their guns so Nancy wouldn’t help me with it. I had to go directly to Kalibrgun myself to get a replacement part. Luckily for me, Kalibrgun stood behind their product although it took forever.

I have an indexing issue now on that Cricket and I am  very nervous about sending my air rifle to AOA given that my transaction was with Precision. If AOA can’t fix it or damage it, it’s not like they are going to give me a refund (even though it’s under warranty) as I bought it from Precision).

There is literally no point in ordering from Precision. They just pass your order on to AOA who are the worst vendor in the world. As much as AOA suck, you are still marginally better off than you would going through Precision. I specifically bought from Precision to avoid having to deal with AOA and I got stuck dealing with them anyway….

I believe that WildWest import and distribute some brands so they are a genuine alternative to AOA. I think Kalibrgun is one of those brands. I hear they have better service but they are also more expensive. I might have paid the extra had I known though. I believe AOA is the only distributor for FX in North America so no point in buying from anyone else unfortunately.

There is only one air gun vendor that actually has good after-sales service when you have an issue and that is Pyramyd Air. They return all guns no questions asked, even if they have no issues. If there is an issue, they pay for return shipping and immediately dispatch a replacement. AOA and their henchman (like Precision) make you pay to ship back the broken air rifle they sent you and it takes an eternity to get anything resolved. It’s just a shame that PA don’t stock any of the decent brands so we have to deal with those snake charmers.



How about StraightShooters. Are they also got FX from AOA?