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Gene I know your trying real hard to decide what springer to buy and whether to get a gas ram one or not. People are giving you some suggestions of quality rifles to buy that might fit you needs like the R9 that has an excellent build quality and trigger. I don’t recall however if you said how much money you were wanting to spend on the rifle. That would go a long ways to people suggesting a rifle. Just another thought to steer you in the right direction. Bill

Gene I think this RWS 34 may be in your price range. It is German made quality with a very good adjustable trigger for a springer. They have a package deal with a study mount and 3-12×40 scope all for $349.99. PA also has a ’10 for $10′ test deal where they shoot and check out your rifle for performance and also a ’20 for $20′ service deal. And a 30 day return policy

Sorry if you saw my suggestion earlier I mixed up the RWS 34 and RWS 350 video reviews
The RWS 34 is available as a package for $349.99
If you want to step up to the RWS 350 you will get some exceptional power and a package scope deal for $519.99

Hope I got it right this time. Bill