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Thanks friends. I really like British guy and his bro’s video’s a lot too. I used x-sight scope and edited the video with micro soft movie maker, so it would not be so long to bore people, the motion sensor I got at harbor freight, cheap but effective.
¬†airkrazy, you hit the nail on the head they move just like that. I too wanted the sightmark photon, what made me go with x-sight was, x-sight can record without having to buy the recording device needed to get video like the sightmark needs, and the x-sight films in color if you are using it in the daytime. the x-sight’s size and the way it sits so high on the gun is the only poor marks i would give it (ergonomics one star rating). I use an Anker 20100 battery, so battery usage is not problem. If I was only using it at night only and was not recording, then sightmark photon would have been my choice, for inexpensive digital night vision. I was using a wicked light, but got bored with it, and wanted to record. So a cheap red or green LED will get anyone in the game and eradicating rodents