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Zebra thanks for your detailed thoughts. I am getting back into air rifles after a 15 year absence. I have spent that period of time shooting groundhogs mainly with centerfire rifles and sometimes rimfires  as the conditions dictate. That is partly why I am getting back into air rifles as I feel it isn’t safe with centerfires and even rimfires around barns and outbuilding with people around going after groundhogs. Years ago where I used to work we had a groundhog problem and between my Talon SS 22 w/ 25 fpe and Career 710 Tanker 22 w/34 fpe I took out well over 200 groundhog in two years out to about 35 yards. With groundhog populations declining mainly because of me I was looking for more shooting opportunities. A lot of the farms I shoot have pigeons and now I found some with rat problems too. This fall is the first time I have shot rats at night with my Hatsan AT 44 10 with my ATN X-Sight and what a blast. So I decided to order an FX Verminator in .22 cal. which will easily get over 100 shots per fill and I won’t have to be filling it in the pitch dark. It is compact and light and has many other great features too. It will also make a great small game rifle for squirrels and rabbits too. Now I still would like a higher power air rifle for shooting groundhogs out to say 50 yards or so that is why I am looking at the FX Wildcat. The characteristics of the Wildcat including quietness should make it well suited to shooting around barns and outbuilding with the proper backstop. As far as the Ataman rifle and its suitability all boils down to your needs and uses. Now I am mainly talking about the .22 and .25 calibers which have wider use rate. The 9mm is pretty specifically larger game. Like many people I have to travel pretty far to get my tanks filled. My whole point with the Ataman rifles it seemed with such a high fill pressure that is 4350 psi and only getting only 35 shots in .25 caliber you won’t be shooting much before your main fill tank runs out of air. My 97 cu ft Great White is one of the largest tanks out there and you will probably be lucky to get a few fills off it. Now if all you are going to do  with the Ataman is just hunt and take a few shots a day you will be fine. However if I spent all that money on a air rifle I would like to do some shooting. In that case be prepared to be making air runs. Bill