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And here are the downrange results at 50 yds.  They were all shot from an AZ modified Steyr LG100 w/ Nikko Diamond Sterling 10-50×60 at 50.  The gun was in a Lead Sled DFT bench rest, and all I touched was the trigger so the variation is in the pellet.    All the Crossmans were shot aiming for the center of the target. I had a 5-7mph left to right cross wind. 

I started with the .446s on #1, .447s on #2 and so on.  

The hole in the #11 is a flyer from the ,446 group as is the flyer in the upper left hand corner of the page.  Imagine trying to get a good group or hit a squirrel/bird in the head at 50 yards with these from an unsorted tin!

My Styer likes .451s but for some reason the .450 Crossmans (11 pellets into one rough hole) shot better than the Crossman .451s.  My Steyr doesn’t usualy like .453s but all three of them went into the same hole.

The last group is 5 .451 H&N Barracuda Matches (all 10.7g) with me holding 2 squares to the left to correct for wind. One rough hole as usual, and I must have had the vertical turret set one 1/8 click low.